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To contact us: Please call 01947 880336 or email:  fylingdaleshistory@gmail.com

2017 Programme of Talks  

February 17th  The planned talk:“My Life as a POW in Yorkshire age 6”  

   by John Lumsden, has been postponed.

March 17th Travels with ‘Gratitude’, a Yorkshire sailing coble - David Wharton.

April 21st Captain Stainthorp and the Kaiser’s Pirates - John Random.

May 19th  Every Now and Then - Photographs by Michael Shaw and Frank Sutcliffe.

June 16th  Building Conservation – The Why, Who and How - Alan Adams.

July 21st  The Church’s Ministry in Fylingdales through the centuries -

- Rev Michael Waters

August  No talk this month.

September 15th  T.B.A.

October 20th The Walmsley’s of Robin Hood’s Bay – Father, Son, Artist and Writer.               - Jane Ellis.

November 17th Annual Meeting.


All Meetings are now held at 7:30pm at


Mount Pleasant North,

Robin Hood’s Bay,

YO22 4RE

- unless otherwise stated.

Visitors are very welcome to attend.

Old Coastguard Station